Tim Holtz stamp platform
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Tim Holtz stamping platform: a review

I am sure I am not alone in that when it comes to stamping I am useless at it! I watch all these demos on you tube and TV and get so inspired but know in my heart of hearts it will never turn out like that. If I am honest I am afraid of stamping and avoid it…well I did until Tonic and Tim Holtz joined forces and developed the stamping platform…hallelujah !

Tim Holtz stamp platform

The platform comes in 2 sizes large and travel and a cover sleeve is available for both and each platform comes complete with magnets to hold stamping material in place.

The stamp platform allows you to use either clear stamps or rubber stamps.

The lid is interchangeable and can easily be repositioned depending on which type of stamp you will be using. The lid is marked with either “clear” or “rubber”, which ever is facing you so you can read it, that type of stamp should be on the underside to be stamped. It really is a very simple concept.

The stamps cling to the lid, once inked the lid is brought down and minimum pressure needs to be applied to achieve greta results but what is really special about the stamp platform is that if the image isn’t stamped perfectly, just re-ink the stamp and go again. Because the stamp does not move and the magnets have held your paper/card in place it will continue to stamp in the same place…genius. So if you’re like me and have dexterity issues and have shied away from the larger more detailed stamps, the stamp platform could be your saviour!

The stamp platform is available to buy at a great price from Craft Stash 

It is available to buy along with it’s cover and don’t forget free delivery on orders over £15 so this is a great offer! click here

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