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Confessions of a craftaholic: The best place to buy craft supplies

If you’re anything like me you’ll be addicted to buying craft supplies, in fact sometimes I feel my obsession is out growing my house…am I the only one, I suspect not?
Of course everything I buy I absolutely need and I have found myself hiding new purchases from my husband, like other (normal)women do with clothes!!
As a committed craftaholic anything I see could be used in a craft project so basically I’m not safe anywhere I go.
I don’t have a designated craft room and do all my crafting at the dining room table, which thankfully is extendable. Because of the we really eat at the table as a family.
So where do I buy my stash from?

  1. Hochanda- in my opinion the best craft channel around. They have some fantastic products at fantastic prices…thank goodness for flexi buy!! I would say I buy the majority of my stash from here. Sometimes I have to not switch the TV on and often hope deliveries arrive when my husband is at work!!
  2. Crafters Companion-What can I say, wonderful quality products at great prices. I love their dies and the Gemini has got to be the best thing I’ve ever bought!!
  3. this is a fab website selling products from all main suppliers. They have some great offers and are very reliable
  4. The Range- I’m fortunate to have 2 super stores within a reasonable drive from me. I find them really good for cheap extras for shabby chic and mixed media projects. They also sell products from a lot of the main craft suppliers and tend to be very reasonably priced
  5. Anywhere else that sells anything that could possibly be used for crafting!!

I’m not being paid for name dropping here, this is just purely a list of where I buy my supplies.

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